Les enfants de Kin de Marie Lhoire

Kinshasa’s Street Children

Kinshasa, September 2010. 20,000 children with hopeful smiles, trying to survive in a lawless city. Thousands of children roaming the streets between market’ stalls, surrounding car windows when they stop, begging for a few coins or a cigarette butt … they are called « shégués / children witches « or » family break « …

Those Photographs were produced in collaboration with the NGO REJEER in kinshasa (Networks of Children, Youth and Educators’ Street), exposed in Brussels on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the African Children’s World Day , 16 June 2011 (the house at Kuumba / Ixelles, the cultural center Candelaershuis / Uccle, L’ égalité/Saint-Gilles), as witness of failure in justice and children’s right in Congo